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Info on our hilarious Life Drawing...


Life Drawing...

  • for Hen's Parties!

  • or simply for a giggle!

  • but definitely for fun!

It makes a fantastic start to your day of activities, or an hilarious inclusion once the drinking has already begun!

Click here to check out our gallery!

life drawing hens london uk


We come to you!

We bring the pencils, the charcoal, the paper, and of course... the hot model who is guaranteed to have a body to die for!

All you have to do is get your friends around with a few glasses of bubbly!

The more bubbly... the better the drawings!!

Plus... click here for the best rates in town :)

Why pay so much for a ten minute cringe involving a man and a g-string (do they really go together anyway?), when you can have a fabulous landscape, or should I say manscape, for up to two hours of more civilised nudity for not much more??

How civilised it is however... will be up to you!

Check out our rates page or contact us for more info at...

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking

Stanton Fox Productions Pty Ltd T/A Hen's Knights


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A life drawing class is the civilised alternative for your Hen's Party in London!
However, after a few drinks it's never very civilised lol!

Hen's Knights UK Lifedrawing is tailored for the Hen or Birthday Party
and your naked Knight will make it a night to remember!