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Info on our Sexy Topless Waiters...

Planning a party for the girls?

A Hen's Party for your best friend perhaps?

Well, who's going to mix your cocktails, pour your drinks, and serve the food
while you get on with enjoying yourselves?


Hot Topless Waiters!

  • We will provide you with immaculately groomed topless hunks to take care of it all!
  • Leaving you to just admire the landscape, or should I say... Manscape!
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Not only that, but if you wish they will...

  • massage your shoulders
  • play your party games with you
  • and generally join in the fun!

And all that for the
best price in town :)


All our boys have been chosen for their attentiveness, attention to detail and bubbly personality... oh, and they won't be too hard on the eyes either!

Contact us at

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking


Stanton Fox Productions Pty Ltd T/A Hen's Knights


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Topless Waiters in London for your Hen's Night!

A Topless Waiter from Hen's Knights UK is an essential ingredient for a great Hen Night!